Zion Hates Halloween, Fri the 13th Edition

various jack-o-lanterns

Hi, this is Zion. My dad helps me write alot of these articles but today is all me.

various jack-o-lanterns

I never really got into Halloween. My parents don’t let me eat candy (maybe a mini Snickers before and during soccer practice for the sugar rush). Don’t worry, I get ice cream a couple times a week and those yummy Flip Chobani yogurts. I’m a kid. I can have a little sugar.

So I don’t need a bucket of candy to make me happy. And I don’t wanna dress up to get it either. Halloween always just creeped me out (I guess that’s the point). My brother Zane likes creepy stuff. My dad is cool with it. Mom hates it too (but she’s kind of religious). She does like Tim Burton though so maybe she’s more spooky than she thinks she is.

If school makes me do Halloween stuff, I’ll politely decline. I don’t like ghosts, bats, witches, skeletons, creepers, zombies, Frankensteins, wolf people, mummies (which are just zombies wrapped in bandages), demons, evil clowns, sense a theme yet? It’s probably why I only watch Minecraft streamer videos and not play it myself; it’s too scary at night!

I’m okay with Day of the Dead because it’s very respectful and historically important to this region of Mexico we live in. And my first theater movie was COCO. My grandma likes dressing up as Catarina. I think I’ll write about Dia de los Muertos for a school project and post it on the site. But Halloween? Nah. It’s very cool if you like it, but it’s not for me.

Christmas on the other hand? It can’t get here soon enough! 🎅