What Are Countryballs?


You may have visited Zion’s Etsy shop (and if you haven’t, go check it out now!) and noticed a section for Countryballs. You may have stumbled upon them going down the Youtube rabbit hole, or on a random meme here & there shared via social media. But what are they, and why does Zion love making artwork featuring the cute little global spheres?

Countryballs, or Polandball are a funny way to learn about countries and their relationships. Each country is a little round ball with its flag, and they talk to each other in a funny way.

The best part is that they have their own personalities, like USAball is always talking about freedom, and Russiaball likes to wear ushanka hats. They make jokes about history, politics, and stuff happening in the world. It’s like a big funny cartoon family of countries!

People draw comics and memes with these countryballs to show what’s happening in the world, and it’s hilarious! They use broken English on purpose, and it’s just so much fun to read and learn about countries in a funny way. Since Zion loves geography, and crude humor, it’s a perfect match and we hope you can get into them too. Maybe buy something from Zion’s shop to show your support for Countryballs too? KURWA!