Waitaminnit… ZANE’S Garage?

Zane holding his own LEGO creation
Zane holding his own LEGO creation

Zane is my little brother. He is three years younger than me. He’s annoying sometimes. Like when he repeats things my parents told me to do, he’ll be like “Remember Zion, five more minutes of tablet then we take a bath!” Ugh, I know, Zane. But he likes LEGO too now and I think he might be better than me. Don’t tell him I said that.

He follows directions very well. The only time he asks for help is to separate stuck pieces. But he always snaps the LEGO tight and barely has to start over. His most complicated set was the Zane Ninjago Mech that he spent two or three days working on and had the most help, but I think it was amazing a five-year-old could do something ten-year-olds might struggle with. He is not quite ready for the Advanced LEGO creations or Technic, but maybe he is.

But after he builds something, he tears it down so he can re-build it in his own way. MOCs. My Own Creations. Or to make it “better” (most of the time it looks worse). He likes to make his own Transformers or mechs. He uses a lot of hinge pieces and ball joints. He is more creative, but I am more an.. how do you spell, uh… anelitikil… analytical…. than him. I like facts and numbers, he likes flair and style. But I think its good to have different talents.

If you take your car to a mechanic and he transforms your Beetle into a Porsche, that would be pretty cool. But if they put your car back together all wrong, that would stink. So maybe Zion Garage won’t change its name to Zane Garage, but maybe my brother’s site can be called Zane Workshop or Zane Crazy Mech LEGO Idea Place. I think that might work for a Youtube channel, don’t you think?