Zion Garage Heads South!

Hi everyone! We moved to Querétaro, Mexico last December. More details will come, but it’s been quite the adventure so far! And by the way, there are SO MANY more car brands here that are not in Cali. Peugeout, Renault, Chirey, Seat & Cupra, wow! Conversely, we see much fewer Hondas, Lexus, Teslas, and certain muscle cars and big trucks that are quite popular in “Merica”. Funnily enough, a regular Ford Mustang has as much prestige as a Porsche or BMW! (But the Dodge & Chevy muscle cars like the Challenger & Camaro, despite their coolness, are not much appreciated here).

We are going to talk more about car culture here, and continue to post Youtube videos and maybe make some nifty workbooks and coloring books for all my fellow car-loving peers. Please stay tuned as we are just getting started, so excited for the journey ahead!